2019 Application Information for International Students (Master’s Programs)




2019 National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts

Application Information for International Students (Master’s Programs)



The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts (NACTA)is an institution of higher education dedicated to cultivating artistic talents in Xiqu (Chinese Theatre, including 348 local kinds in China). We offer a rich array of learning opportunities to international students who are interested in Xiqu. To promote Xiqu arts abroad and international education, we encourage students around the world to apply to 2019 NACTA Master’s programs.

一、报名 Application

1. 招生类型 Student Type


We enroll full-time students in master’s programs (3 years) with academic degree or professional degree.

2. 报名资格 Qualification of Applicants



须具有与中国大陆学士学位相当的学位或同等学历,或是已获硕士、博士学位的人员,应届本科生需于录取当年 9 月 1 日前须取得上述类型的学历及学位证书;


符合报考系部的专业要求(详见附件1 《澳门十大网上博网址系部简介》、附件2《2019年澳门十大网上博网址学术型硕士研究生招生专业目录及导师名单》、附件3《2019年澳门十大网上博网址全日制艺术硕士专业学位研究生招生专业目录及导师名单》)。

Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health condition and with valid passport; should have no records of lawbreaking; should have a bachelor's degree or above (i.e. master or doctoral degree). If applicants are undergraduates, they should receive graduation certificates with bachelor’s degree before September 1, 2018.

As for the Chinese language skill requirements, applicants must reach the level of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) band 5 or above.

Applicants should meet the additional requirements related to majors required by departments that they hope to be enrolled (Please consult appendix i, ii and iii for details).

Appendix i “Brief Introduction to Departments” ;

Appendix ii “List of First Level Disciplines /Majors and Supervisors in 2019 NACTA Master’s Programs with Academic Degree”;

Appendix iii “List of First Level Fields /Majors and Supervisors in 2019 NACTA Master’s Programs with Professional Degree”.

3. 报名时间Application Schedule


October 15, 2018 – December 14, 2018

4. 报名方式 How to Apply


Please contact Office of International Relations of NACTA (IR office) for application form (see Appendix iv “NACTA Master’s Program Application Form for International Students”. Applicants should submit the form and all documents required to IR office (Room 319, Administration Building on campus) or to email nactastudy@126.com before deadline.

Having received our notification, applicants should come to IR office in office time (09:00-16:00) between December 17-21, 2018 to get admission cards for taking examinations.

Entry fee RMB 800 (non-refundable).


二、考试时间与考试科目 Schedule and Subjects of Entrance Examination


There are two rounds of examination on campus. Applicants who get through the first round are eligible for the second one.

  1. 初试 First Round


In this round, applicants should take examinations in 08:30 – 11:30 and 14:00 – 17:00 on December 23 (local time in Beijing).


Exempted from exams on political theories and English language, applicants should take two major-related memory-based written exams (in Chinese language). The full marks for each exam are 150.

  1. 复试 Second Round


Having received our notification, most applicants in this round should take one memory-based written exam on History of Xiqu (Traditional Chinese Theatre Arts) in April, 2019 (The schedule will be sent to applicants once confirmed). Only applicants who plans to study in History of Xiqu need to take one exam on Comprehensive Understanding of Literature, History, Philosophy and Arts instead. All applicants should attend an interview afterwards in this round.   


三、录取 Admission


We enroll students according to their application materials, marks and comments from departments, and send admission notice to them in the first half of July every year.


四、入学 Registration


Having received admission notice, new students should get registered on campus at the beginning of September and attend physical check-up in Beijing.


五、学习及住宿费用 Tuition, Insurance and Accommodation


Insurance: 600 RMB/year

Tuition: 38000 RMB/year

International students can choose to live in the international student dormitory, which offers double rooms (1200 RMB/month) and single rooms (2400 RMB/month).


六、奖学金 Scholarship


We encourage international students to apply for foreign student scholarship funded by NACTA and Beijing municipal government.



七、咨询方式 How to Contact us


地址:北京市丰台区万泉寺400号 邮编:100073

电 话: 86-10-63337505



Office of International Relations

National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts

Address: No.400, Wanquansi Street, Fengtai District, Beijing, P.R.China

Tel: 86-10-63337505

Enrollment Information: https://www.nacta.edu.cn/zzjg/gjjlhzb/lxs/index.htm

Email: nactastudy@126.com

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